• TueGather is when we Gather every Tuesday night! Open to the public!  Join us at 6 pm central time (US) for live worship, fellowship, and loads of testimonies!!!! On Arubbah 12076-12348 E 171st St 

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  •  We carried the vision of the ICU in our hearts for years. The name ICU carries      double meaning.  First, it is an intensive care unit.  A place where you are intensely  cared for.  While you soak, worship, draw or journal, our ministry team is on hand  to release a very specific piece of Heaven to you.  How Pappa see you!  Thus it  becomes the “I see you” room.  We have found as we have ministered in this way,  that when one remembers how Pappa sees them, they see everything else more  clearly.  "And she called the Lord who spoke to her, 'You are El-roi' which means  'Have I not gone on seeing after He saw me!'  Genesis 16:13 (Tanakh).  Within the  ICU, each one is reminded that they are seen and how they are seen by the God of  all.

  • This night of worship was founded through a journal entry to Pappa.  In it, we were expressing our hearts to be a people who would overwhelm HIM with our love.  As we gather, we seek nothing for ourselves.  We seek only to surprise HIM, to blow HIM away with the immensity of our passion, our attention and our great desire to touch HIS heart.  During this time, those joined together in this passionate purpose, sing, dance, shout, skip, cry, laugh or soak.  Together we minister to HIM the way we are each designed to.  At the end of the evening, we feast on communion together and then celebrate!  Join us on the last Saturday of each month at 7 pm central time (US) and Blow Pappa's Socks Off (BPSO)!!!

  •    August Rush 

    is our annual family gathering in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA).   This is a convergence of team leaders, team members, and Blue Flame  family from all over the world!  Join us for global relationship building, new  Terraforming teaching, and prophetic pictures of Pappa's heart.  Includes  live worship by The Blue Army.  Come experience the revival of love first hand!!!  All are welcome!! HERE


  • Level One Training

     Level One Training

     The word 'Terraforming' literally means 'earth restoration.'  In this  conference you will learn how to pray over people (family, friends,  enemies), places (cities, nations), and things (home, work, school) to see  them restored back to God's design through one, easy to learn set of Keys.   Come and receive teaching on this ground breaking prayer revelation, with  personal prayer time for each attendee, and hands on prayer  demonstrations over the land!

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  • Level Two Training

       Level Two Training

    This conference is for established teams who have already hosted a Level One Training.  In this conference you will receive intermediate level teaching liberating creation from decay and the restoration of all things.  It is a good idea for each attendee to read "Terraforming For The Kingdom," "You are Here: An Ear in Heaven and a Mouth on Earth," and "Terraforming RESToration" prior to the training.

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Big Daddy

In spring of 2013, we were in one of our favorite places, New Orleans.  Most of our local Blue Flame team got to journey with us for the training which was amazing!  We Norvell’s were blessed to be able to stay a few extra days and show our kiddos our favorite places.  

A dream in my heart that was stirred each time we went to NOLA, was that when we took the kids for the first time, I wanted to take them on a carriage ride through the French Quarter.  And so, we went to the area where the horse drawn carriages were and found one that could accommodate the twelve of us.  It was a sweet time and we had a great driver.  Along the way, he told us our horses name was “Big Daddy”.  

As we traveled around the city, we had a great time, but also noted that we were quite a load for Big Daddy.  But he carried us well.  When we arrived at our drop off point, we asked the driver if we could pet Big Daddy.  He said yes.  Our beloved friend Belle began praying for him to be filled up.  She’s amazing like that.  

 I laid my hand on his neck and said, “Thank you Big Daddy”.  What followed, I will never, ever forget.  Big Daddy had blinders on.  And so, he craned his neck around until he could see me.  Face to face, see me.  The moment he got to that place, he put his forehead on mine.  And he stayed there with me, for a long time.  Face to face, heart to heart we remained.  When it was time for us to move on, I sadly said goodbye though he is forever in my heart.  

 Thankfulness is a powerful, compelling thing.  And it is something that our Big Daddy, our Pappa, our God loves.  When we come to Him with hearts exploding with gratefulness and hearts filled with the expression of it, He cannot help but meet us face to face.  Every single time.  For that is where He longs to be with us.  Face to face, heart to heart, spirit to spirit.  

 Since that moment in NOLA, I have begun pursuing Pappa through utter thankfulness.  I simply say, “Thank you Pappa”.  Every time, every single time - I feel His forehead land upon mine.  And I am undone.  With each day, the intensity has increased.  The revelation has increased.  And I realized, when we thank him for what He has done, His favorite thing, is to do it again, but in greater measure.  Wow!  He just can’t help himself.  

 Over the years, many have asked Scott and I how to live by faith, with Pappa as source of everything.  There are several things He has shown us that we have shared.  The greatest of them is thankfulness.  There is not a time that we start our car, that we don’t thank Him that it started.  We don’t arrive at our destination without thanking Him that He got us there.  I think that is why our car has lasted so long!  When I open the fridge to find food to prepare, I thank Him for every morsel.  Everyday, we thank Him that we have water, power and resources.  And the next time, each and every time, we find that He does it, provides it, shares it, again and again.  



For Our Love


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