December 4, 2020

ADVENTuring #6

Jesse Tree Day 4 – December 4 PROMISE Ornament - Rainbow As I write, it's a sunny, blue sky day, though the few days preceding tiptoed in with drip and drizzle. I’ve watched as holiday lights, radiant white, have welcomed


December 3, 2020

ADVENTuring #5

Jesse Tree Day 3 – December 3 EXTENDED Ornament - Apple and Snake Encompassed by a garden, encircled by beauty, bound by love is our setting today.  Adam and Eve’s home.  A pulsating, vibrant, moving, growing tabernacle


December 2, 2020

ADVENTuring #4

Jesse Tree Day 2 – December 2 CREATION   Ornament -  Globe  There are so many facets of God’s heart.  So many ways He touches us and invites us to touch others. The expressions of Who He is number as


December 1, 2020

ADVENTuring #3

The awe of advent comes every year if we will but ask for it and look to its coming.  Why herald this homecoming?  Because we ever need to return.  Every generation has things long forgotten. Seeds that have fallen upon fallow. 


November 30, 2020

ADVENTuring #2

From December 1st until December 25th, we will journey through the Jesse Tree. Each day will bring a needle pulling thread through the story of Whose we are and who we are becoming. A standard description of the Jesse Tree is


November 27, 2020

ADVENTuring #1

  We do not merely want to see beauty....  We want something else which can hardly be put into words - to be united with the beauty we see, pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. -C.S.


October 30, 2020


I have a confession. Our holiday lights have been up for more than a week. Naveh’s edges are bedecked with bulbs, its fences and frames woven with luminaries and a portion of its trees trimmed.  This wasn’t the most intentional


October 16, 2020


Weddings, walks and wonders filled our Sukkot holiday.  And sweet sukkah after sweet sukkah. We transformed our recent anniversary chuppah into our sukkah.  Instead of gathering the customary foliage and twigs for its “roof”,


September 25, 2020


My dad always wore a certain brand of shoes.  Hush Puppies.  He also used to bring us hush puppies from the Long John Silvers he managed.  They were edible.  And wonderful. But that may be an embellishment for a blog to come. I


September 18, 2020


The sun will climb its way down sky’s ladder and evening will ascend. Crested upon its coming will be Rosh Hashanah and a new year, 5781. Clay was cast on this day, many twinkles and twilights ago.  All was awakened and awed


September 4, 2020


A woman not noteworthy enough to them to be notorious, crossed the threshold of Simon the Leper’s home.  No trace of hospitality did she find from stoop to stool, for on this day, even a drop of water to wash the feet of Jesus may


June 26, 2020


Silence hung, heavily holy, in the wait for its breaking, for the coming of the first day.  Suspended by nothing, it received the first breeze of all things.  Whisper and whirlwind came upon breath of God. “Yehi,” said He.