We are a community of people, not bound by geography, with hearts to consider one another, fellowship together and be moved to spread love and hope throughout our communities and the world.


About Blue Flame

Blue Flame 47 is a community of people that is expressed as a global ministry, a local church, through non-profit activities and publishing. Our desire is to show unconditional love to all people.

Winter Tea Reunion

February 22-24, 2024

Since February of 2008, we have gathered for the new Terraforming teachings or T’s gleaned over the previous six months, thus the name of our winter reunion became Winter Tea.

Join us weekly for Tuegather!

We come together as community Tuesday nights at 6:00PM Central Time (US) for live worship with the Blue Army, family, fellowship, teaching and loads of testimonies!!! All are welcome!


A Local Ministry Making a Global Impact

As a global ministry, Blue Flame trains churches, other ministries, prayer networks, Bible studies, missionaries, and other individuals around the world on deepening their personal, intimate relationship with God. We teach on the power of love, prayer, forgiveness and how God has a plan for us all to change the world, together!