Blue Flame 47 is named after the purifying fire of God (Exodus 13:21-22, Hebrews 12:29), specifically the hottest part of the flame (blue), and Psalms 47 and 147. Our emblem is the shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16) upon which sits the cross that Jesus encouraged us to take up daily (Luke 9:23-24). This cross is represented by the burning blue flame of God (Joel 2:3). These came from a vision Scott had in the mid 1980’s about soldiers in the army of God’s love.

As a local church, Blue Flame offers both weekly and monthly gatherings. Tuegather is our weekly meeting with worship, fellowship and teaching each Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm Central Time (US). We do not meet on Sundays, so our volunteers can attend a home church if they have one. You can join us in person in Bixby, Oklahoma or via livestream video from wherever you are.

We offer Personal Restoration Appointments (PR Apps) and virtual prayer appointments (Evensong). These times of ministry encompass physical and emotional healing. Whether the need is for healing of wounds of the past or help for problems in the present, we are here to love in a safe environment free of judgement and opinion. There is no cost for any of the ministry we offer.

Terraforming is a word originally used by NASA to describe changing atmospheres from ones that are hostile, to ones that are hospitable. God has shown us an application of this word that describes how His people have been trusted with the authority to change the spiritual atmosphere of creation from one that is hostile to love (deception, coercion, manipulation) to one that is hospitable (freewill to choose). We pray over people (physical & emotional healing, traumatic stress recovery, generational cleansing, deliverance) and places (the land, our homes, church / school / work, our cities, our nations) with one set of keys to see the power of not love dismantled, so people can freely choose again.

To learn more about changing atmospheres and lives, check out the Terraforming for the Kingdom audio in the Media section or the Terraforming for the Kingdom book in the store.

In early 2007, God invited Scott and Shari Norvell to give up their lives receiving paychecks through the corporate world, and into a life of trusting in Him for everything. Scott’s last day in banking was May 11th of that year. Within a month, God began revealing keys for how to pray for people who were suffering with physical and emotional torments, through forgiveness with the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Over the years, this revelation has grown to stand upon an ever deepening relationship with God from servants who believe in Jesus, to friends who converse with God, to children that depend upon Him for everything, to a maturing bride that dies to selfishness and is resurrected to covenant destiny each day.

Cessor is a term coined by one of our daughters (then four years old) when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer was that she wanted to be a cessor (having heard the word intercessor) and pray about everything.

Prayer is a covenant we are invited into. When we enter in, we begin to walk in an inheritance greater than we have known or imagined. We begin to fulfill our destiny on earth and through us, the supernatural solutions of Heaven are released. Cessors is an invitation to take a risk and dive into the adventure of what prayer was always meant to be through praying covenant and not condition, harvesting in your field, releasing what God is thinking, thwarting the plans of the enemy and walking where there is no off switch in the Presence of God. To learn more about prayer that changes everything, check out the Cessor Journeys audio in the Media section or Cessor Journeys the book in the store.

On December 31, 2013 God fulfilled a vision that He gave us years ago of land that we would call home. He told us that there would be trees, grassland, and a river running through it. All of these came together when we found Arubbah, a stretch of approximately 310 acres (125 hectares) in southern Tulsa County of the State of Oklahoma, USA. Since settling into this beautiful land, we have experienced the presence of God in a very unique and incredible way. God has lead us to construct a building in the northwest corner of the property, where we can gather for meetings, fellowship and for expressions of the ministry such as prayer appointments and ICU.

The word “Arubbah” comes from Hebrew and means “floodgate” or the “window of heaven.” It is a reference to Malachi 3:10 in the Bible that tells us, “‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven [Arubbah] and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

To get connected or ask questions, call us at 918-319-1004 or email
We also regularly offer The Preface, our introductory training, for those interested in learning the basics of Blue Flame’s ministries and/or becoming involved.