Scott & Shari Norvell

Founders; CEO & President

Founders of Blue Flame 47. Finders of the love, joy and hope each day holds. Given to a Kingdom life – for the lost, waiting and wondering.

Axel Pearl Weber

Founder; Director of Event and Design; Board Member

Ardently bringing Heaven to earth through design and celebration! Adores helping people find tangible expressions for what is in their hearts!

Loren “Tav” Weber

CFO/COO; Board Member

Inspired by all God does and amazed to exist to do it with Him. Passionate about setting things in motion towards His plans and purposes each and every day.

Idgy B. Hoffman

Founder; EVP; Global Liason; Board Member

Devoting every breath to the restoration of all things. Grateful to touch the portion and peoples of the world God holds.

Christine Thomas

Community Advocate

Burning for the world to experience the reality of being loved and known by the God who holds the world and their hearts.

Shannon Tovar

​Executive Assistant to CEO and President;

Storehouse Steward

Purposed for peace and held by harmony. Loves joining others to the beauty of God’s presence and the delight of His purposes. Ever seeking His best and finding His greatness.

Mariam Mooney

Personal Prayer Appointment Steward

Longing to fill hearts with the hope that they can be free to live in the abundance of all God has. Loves meeting people in the midst of their need for Him and all the testimony that comes as He meets each and every one.

John Norvell

Director of Information Technology;
Land Team Steward

Passionately part of restoring, rebuilding and resurrecting communities, cities, regions and nations so all might seek, find and know God.