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We are a people spread across the world with a passion for helping others see Jesus as love, and to see themselves through God's eyes of love.

What We Do

Blue Flame Ministries provides demonstrative teaching on the truth, authority, and power of Christ, and prayer for individuals both in person, and over the internet. There are several schools and marriage ministries offered each year. We support our local communities with ministry for the homeless, and prayer over the land at the regional and national levels worldwide. Our story is found in two books, "Terraforming For the Kingdom," (also known as Terra4ming) and "Cessor Journeys,” and continues with each sequel published annually. This website has free audio, video, and documents to help you learn more.

When & Where?

On December 31, 2013 God fulfilled a vision that He gave us years ago of land with trees, grassland, and a river running through it. Most of our events are held at Arubbah (Hebrew for ‘floodgate’), a stretch of approximately 310 acres (125 hectares) in southern Tulsa County of the State of Oklahoma, USA.
Every Tuesday we hold a night of worship and prayer at Arrubah // We have prayer appointments every friday and saturday // In August we will hold our annual August Rush Reunion // More Events >


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Pillared Passages: Portion 4


A few weeks ago, we had a tucked away time with our kids and grandies, on a little island we love in the Caribbean.   These times are filled with sun, sand, food and fun.  And without really purposing ourselves to it, each visit has included a boat ride. The morning for our excursion came and we awakened to discover that a dark and dreary cloud had burst and its contents were pouring upon everything we could see and much we could not.   We arrived at breakfast a bit soggy and discovered the ones who take care of us with great joy, were a bit sullen and damp with the suggestion that we postpone our outing to the ocean.  
Praying opened a storehouse of peace and we simply knew we were meant to go then.  In the new of that moment where Pappa could create anything from the palette of His passion and our praise.  
My person and I gave a quick glance and grin to each other.  We had been here before.  Under dark sky upon bobbing boat.Read More

Cessor Journals | January 21, 2019