Who We Are

Blue Flame 47 is a community of people that is expressed as a global ministry, a local church, through non-profit activities, and publishing. Our desire is to show unconditional love to all people.

Blue Flame is a people of faith with a heart to encourage others in theirs. We come together to live the truth of the Gospel, as people who serve freely, love vastly, fellowship fully, and rest deeply.

What We Do

As a global ministry, Blue Flame trains churches, other ministries, prayer networks, Bible studies, missionaries, and other individuals around the world on deepening their personal, intimate relationship with God. We teach on the power of love, prayer, forgiveness and how God has a plan for us all to change the world, together!

Our Story

In early 2007, God invited Scott and Shari Norvell to leave a prospering career in banking and give away all of their money. With five young children, this felt like the invitation of a lifetime, or more specifically, the invitation to truly live. They trusted God with the unfolding of His plan each day and began the adventure of living His will, His way, every day of their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission and passion is for the world to know the love of God and to realize we can all be people who love. We believe that the love of God was made unconditional by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Yet we also believe that love cannot be forced upon anyone, but must be freely chosen. We believe church is more than a building with four walls.  It is a community of people with a heart to consider one another, fellowship together and be moved to spread love and hope throughout the world.


The emblem of Blue Flame is the shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16) upon which sits the cross that Jesus encouraged His followers to take up daily (Luke 9:23-24), represented by the burning blue flame of God (Joel 2:3).

This too came from a vision Scott Norvell had in the 1980’s of a generation of priests who fight in the Day of the Lord (Joel 2, Revelation 19:19, 20:9) with the all powerful weapon of love.