Our Story

In early 2007, God invited Scott and Shari Norvell to leave a prospering career in banking and give away all of their money. With five young children, this felt like the invitation of a lifetime, or more specifically, the invitation to truly live. They trusted God with the unfolding of His plan each day and began the adventure of living His will, His way, every day of their lives.  

In the months that followed, God began revealing building blocks of what became two books: “Terraforming For the Kingdom” and “Cessors Journeys.” From these keys to prayer, many people were touched by the authority, power, and love of God. Next, God revealed how these same prayer keys were meant for transforming cities, regions, and nations. In April 2010, with trips to Taiwan, British Columbia, Georgia, California, Texas, and New Jersey – all in its first few months – Blue Flame 47 was birthed. God kept revealing keys and said, “don’t change the subject,” and so there are now 15 books detailing the journey so far.

Blue Flame is named after a vision of the fire of God (Exodus 13:21-22, Hebrews 12:29) and Psalms 47 and 147. Having trained churches, ministries, prayer networks, bible studies, missionaries, and other individuals in-person and through its website, Blue Flame continues to pray over people, places, and things with the passion God instilled since day one. Our zeal for Jesus, and the unconditional love of God moves us to help others everywhere we go. Blue Flame has now led prayer missions and trainings in all seven continents.