What We Do

As a global ministry, Blue Flame trains churches, other ministries, prayer networks, Bible studies, missionaries, and other individuals around the world on deepening their personal, intimate relationship with God. We teach on the power of love, prayer, forgiveness and how God has a plan for us all to change the world, together!

We have traveled to the continents of Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America on prayer missions and to provide training.

As a local church, Blue Flame offers weekly meetings with worship, fellowship and teaching each Tuesday evening at 6pm Central Time (US). We do not meet on Sundays, so our volunteers can attend a home church if they have one. You can join us in person here in Bixby, OK or via livestream video from wherever you are.

As a non-profit, Blue Flame serves our local community with prayer appointments for hope and healing, outreach ministries, volunteer work, and provisions for those in need.

We are advocates for social justice and are passionate to see the oppressed set free, the hungry fed, the homeless sheltered, the hurting comforted and the lonely visited.

Blue Flame publishes audio, video and writings including fourteen books, all of which can be accessed for free at this website. Here in Oklahoma, we host encounters on the foundations of how we pray and mature in love, through a deeper relationship with God. Blue Flame offers a seven-week immersion for experiencing the heart of God, and a seven day journey on enriching the marriage covenant.