October 15, 2021


There is a time without hands. Its name? Everlasting.

Within it, is a touch of ever present beauty that beckons the simple love that dwells within us.

This time draws us to seasons of heart-aching wonder.

Everlasting moments break into hard minutes and shed light on the darkness of the unknown.

This overwhelming occasion meets us mesmerized by the beauty of dewed flowers in the thin light of dawn, wild blooms in rocky crevices, starlight upon dark night, the many shades of changing leaves and the breaking breath of beating hearts. It leaves us anchored to amazement.

The Eternal writes upon the innermost pages of our souls, a poetry that tethers us to beauty and leaves an echo of creation’s song. Beauty is a seed abled to grow.

Beyond and within were spoken together, at the beginning, a reminiscence that we belong and are here for an eternity of first impressions.

We were woven from threads of love, that is why it ever remains. We are laced within a tapestry of royal hues that linger us in the everlasting vision of a never changing view of unending love.

From everlasting to everlasting, we were made to go. For even clouds continuously create new art, moving from one masterpiece to the next.

There is joy in how He fashioned. He is magical, but no magician. No parlor tricks up an everlasting sleeve, but promises without end. For we need frost and fire, the power to feel purpose in the midst of pain. Permission to fully feel moments of wonder, delight and awe in the midst of awry and away.

When things seem terminal, we recognize that our God is not temporary.

Sometimes the pain in our own world reveals the pain of the world. Might it be that our thorns are simply portions of our crowns? There is yet a many who are unaware that all the pieces have purpose.

So we come to our Compass and Companion. Our Ever and Always. From the most distant past to the most distant future.

Sometimes we must do majestic things like washing dishes and watering plants, just to pursue the truth that He is in the smallest and those things grow everlastingly large.

There are little faithfuls like getting up when prompted, walking the extra twenty yards, or writing the letter. These things become living testaments to who He is to us.

To feel Him keenly is a gift beyond gold. When this truth begins to bubble up inside, His glory fills the earth of us, we universes wrapped in thin skin.

There are moments in time that captivate the heart. There are walks we take, where the path finds pain, when the fragrance of His hope lifts hearts so high, hands must follow.

Made are we for moving from peace to peace, kindness to kindness, beauty to beauty, goodness to goodness, generosity to generosity and miracle to miracle.

The more we love Him the more He moves. This flow of fellowship creates a current, releases a ripple of the most glorious consequence.

We are the expression of the depths of His love. Oh, to spend a life being such! Oh, to take eternity to discover so much!