June 26, 2020


Silence hung, heavily holy, in the wait for its breaking, for the coming of the first day.  Suspended by nothing, it received the first breeze of all things.  Whisper and whirlwind came upon breath of God.

“Yehi,” said He.  Let there be light. Let light be, here.  These the first spoken words of God.  A vapor from which time, space, matter and light came.  Four constructs, without which we would be incapable of existing. Four things in few words that are the foundational sustenance  upon which all life depends. An expression of desire for us to be, breathe and bear His mark.

He must have known, being glory and good, that when light is present, life remembers from whence it came.

Yehi is not an “it is finished” phrase but an “it has begun” beckoning.  First breath of first days.  God didn’t complete light, He created it.  This was the first release of His image.  For it to be born, there would need to be bearers. Light would need to be borne.

There was nothing before Him.  No thing. Then light.  Birthed before sun, moon and star were there to carry it.  Before sun opened like a flower, a blooming star full of His generosity and before moon waxed and waned with shofar and sickle for seasons, light was here longing to make itself at home in voided vessels.

He hovered, brooding over the void, contending for what was to come.  So light would know where it belonged. There is ever a hope of dawn in velvet dark.

He came first with arcing rays, woven strands and true warmth.  Light was made and meant to aim for the dark and what can be found within it, to ignite a perfect flame.  Eternal fire. Elohim placed the fullness of Himself over the murky void so we would position ourselves in the same way.  We can be image or silhouette.

It is not for us to seek the light.  We are the light. We seek darkness that we might find.  It was named, just as light was.  In days such as these, we need to remember that night and day are meant to be one. That we are too.  The freely united, flaws surfacing whether trickling rays or steady daybreak.  We often find each other through what is found in ourselves.

A long night needs bright day illuminated with truth for human hearts. Darkness with its vast void aches for our lassos of gathered light to border it and proclaim it can go no further.  The depth of dark may cry, “let me go for dawn is breaking” yet we hold fast to the cord that circles it, to see beauty and be beautiful.

A world with shades of truth can welcome light that does not lie.  Radiance reveals the dusty gray we have allowed to seep into our thoughts, hearts, lives and world.  It can break wide open the brilliant color that was never meant to be hidden, but kept under wraps, even so.  Dawn will come whether it feels ready or not, whether we feel ready  or not, and demand entrance into our lives and truths. Light does not lie.  It simply brings deeper definition to what has always been true. Day breaks.

We exist.  Now we must choose the clarity to emerge with the extravagance of illuminating His image within us and each other. These are terrifyingly beautiful moments we are called to. Too long have we seen the dawn, but taken for granted the light that heralds it.

When the splendored sun rises, it calls the inky canvas that holds it to be great!  When we rise gloried by His greatness, a world dull and dim can behold His goodness and yield to the light that calls each and every to be great revelers and revealers of His goodness.